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What is SOULutions?

At  the core of each of  us, deep beyond our intelligence, education or emotions is the sacred part of us that is infinite, glorious, beautiful, wise, gentle and powerful, our soul. 

All of our physical and emotional issues are tied into our soul self. It is an integral part of us influenced by our behaviors or habits.

There has been fascinating and impressive clinical work done in recent years done by Dr. Gary Schwartz and others to validate the existence of the our souls.

Your desire to heal, to rid yourself of life long issues, may arise not just from physical fatigue or emotional pain but from your soul, longing to feel peace.

In working with Mary Kay you will learn to view your life and challenges, issues, and goals from your own soul perspective. 

Very quickly all of the former “big things” in life can re-form in your awareness and contribute to your soul's growth and experience.

At the basis of every solution in life is a soulution.. 

You can now choose to allow all of your life's experience to work for your soul's evolution.

Let Mary Kay show you how. Call today (805) 544-9766.

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