Natural Healing with Hypnotherapy Counseling

The connection between the mind and body has generated tremendous interest in recent years. Scientific studies have clearly documented the value of hypnosis to encourage natural healing and change unwanted behavior.

Our thoughts create the chemical environment of our body, producing our feelings with the help of our body's chemistry. It is possible to alter and enhance our life experience naturally by shifting our thoughts and attitudes, allowing us to live in healthy balance.

Dr. Mary Kay Stenger Ph.D., RN, CHT

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 Hypnotherapy has been shown to be valuable in many areas, including:

Fears, Phobias, Panic Attacks
Anyone who has experienced fears, phobias, or panic attacks can attest to the fact that they are very real and can be debilitating. Symptoms can range from from mild anxiety or breathing difficulties to an inability to leave home without experiencing sheer terror.

Our  sub-conscious mind is the driving force behind our behavior. The sub-conscious mind, otherwise known as our “feeling mind,” governs how we feel. The sub-conscious mind is not necessarily logical or rational.  If the sub-conscious mind has picked up faulty information somewhere in the past it can control, even dominate our life and prevent us from living with the freedom and choice that we want.  There is always a reason inside of our mind for the unwanted behaviors, even if we have experienced those behaviors for a long period of time.  Will-power alone can not overcome those uncomfortable feelings.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are scientifically proven tools used to address the subconscious mind and are the original “natural medicine” of the mind. The tools and techniques of hypnosis are highly effective and they can quickly and effectively allow us to rid ourselves of unwanted behavior, as well as instill a permanent, welcome change in our lives... naturally. We can have and live with the freedom and peace that we desire.

Alcohol, Tobacco  and Drug Addictions
These addictions have some common threads and some differing factors:

  • Most people are very aware of the relative ease with which most smokers can let go of a life long habit with hypnosis, oftentimes in a single session (if ones life is in fairly good balance).
  • Other times, letting go of the habit/addiction  that serves as pain medication can make you more aware of what is really out of balance in your life.
  • It is very important to understand that when any  addiction is released you WILL start to  FEEL more. Addictions  can serve as a form of  pain control, literally. But this type of pain control is unhealthy and destructive.
  • If you want to walk away from your addiction, it is essential to recognize that you will need to address the feelings that the habit is masking.
  • Some individuals may think the addiction is the problem, but in reality, often it is just the mask of the problem.
  • Uncovering the gift that lies beneath the damage:  As you bravely address the feelings behind your addiction, you will find that you are living with a new level of freedom, mental clarity and inner peace.  In my experience, I usually find that people with addictions tend to be more sensitive individuals. This is a gift. You may find yourself channeling your gift to serve yourself and others as you allow yourself to once again feel the full spectrum of life's emotions, living with inner peace and confidence.

Test  and Performance Anxiety
You know the feeling.... You have studied, you know the material, you may even be in the top of your class, then comes the test... and the answers don't want to surface. You know the answers are “in there” somewhere but they seem to be hiding when you need them most.  The harder you try to perform, the more difficult it is to remember.  Then come the results and your test score is not a reflection of your knowledge or maybe not even high enough to pass!

The reality of taking tests is this:  if you have studied and you know the material, then you have already completed, by far, the most difficult part of your test!  The written, verbal or performance-based test is simply asking you for a small fraction of what you have in your brain—or in your muscle memory. 

The secret to passing any test is to have relaxed, easy access to information. Your subconscious mind stores a vast amount of information. The way we can tap into this amazing storehouse of wisdom is by learning  relaxation techniques that will allow you to listen to the “knowing” part of your mind.  These techniques reverse the “freeze up” of fear, uncertainty and doubt, allowing the test answers to bubble up in your mind as easily as air bubbles surfacing from underwater.

There may be occasions when your subconscious mind can actually block the information from coming up to consciousness. But you have total access to your subconscious mind and the techniques in hypnotherapy create that positive, healthy bridge from subconscious to consciousness. In my years of private practice, I have  become aware of more types of testing situations than I could have ever imagined.  The amazing success of hypnotherapy in addressing test or performance anxiety is simply astounding!  So please remember, if you have studied, then it is in your brain... and you can access it when you need it!

Hypnosis for Pain Control
Hypnosis was used extensively in the medical field  for pain control before the discovery of anesthetic drugs. As drugs were discovered, hypnosis fell into the background for surgery and pain control. In fact, even today, individuals with an allergy to all anesthesia may still use hypnosis for surgeries.

Time-tested, hypnosis is an easy and effective way to calm your body, ease discomfort, and promote healing. Learning self-hypnosis will promote the relaxation response in your body and can not only ease discomfort but promote healing and boost your immunity.  Sometimes when an emotional trauma is associated with an injury, physical pain can remain long after the injury is healed.  Results, in these cases can be quick and remarkable.

Stress Management
Stress is not necessarily a bad thing.  However, stress resulting from an imbalance of multiple life issues creates anxiety, muscle tightness, sleep disorders, feeling out of control, and mood changes. It is important to always focus our minds on what we want. Oftentimes we focus on fears, or what we do not want, creating uncomfortable feelings in our bodies.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are very effective ways to alleviate stress and to bring calm and balance back into your life.  Through guided imagery sessions, you can learn self-hypnosis and retrain the mind to operate from a state of calm.  I make all of my clients a recording of this process to use for reinforcement. You should feel some relief from the first session. If there are underlying issues behind the stress, hypnotherapy will address them so that you can live in a natural healthy balance.

Improved Performance
Professional athletes, Olympians and many others attest to the fact that hypnosis can enhance performance and allow you to move your athletic performance to the next level.  Basic Visualization techniques are even used in schools with young athletes and can boost confidence, enhance accuracy and allow you to quickly feel the flow of your game. I make recordings for athletes to continue their practice beyond the session.

Weight Loss/Gain
Of all the issues I deal with in my private practice, weight management has the most variables associated with its treatment. My client's success rate is very high, even for those individuals who have struggled with weight management throughout their life.  Many variable are addressed, in and out of hypnosis, for long-term desirable results. These factors include :

  • Optimal nutrition for your unique body, mind and spirit
  • Eating appropriate portions
  • Education about what to eat and when to eat
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Adequate protein intake
  • Emotional relationships with food
  • Healthy water
  • Hormonal influences
  • Supplements
  • As well as your own personal relationship with your body—what you don't know about your body can be a revelation!

Oftentimes clients are surprised by how minor shifts in habits can produce major desirable results.
Even if weight imbalance has been a lifelong issue for you, when you are working with your sub-conscious and with the correct information you will surprise yourself.

Hypnosis for Insomnia and Other Sleep Disorders
The number of hours of sleep is generally not the issue—it is the lack of sleep or the quality of sleep that causes problems. Most  babies  are born knowing how to fall effortlessly into a deep and restful sleep. So what happens to us as we move through life and we unlearn what we knew at birth?  In our world with a complexity of influences, you would be surprised at how quickly we unlearn our ability to quickly fall into restful sleep.  In fact, sleep is such a major issue that I see children as young as three years old in my office for sleep disturbances.

Reasons are varied for sleep disorders. Anxiety, stress, hormones, fears—any of these can disturb sleep.
Re-learning how to drop effortlessly into a deep and restful sleep  is possible. Learning deep relaxation techniques and letting go of the fear of not sleeping well can be effectively addressed with hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I often make a recording for clients to use for night-time listening as an aid to transferring the techniques learned in the office to their own bedtime routine.