Dr. Mary Kay Stenger is a Medical and Clinical Hypnotherapist in the San Luis Obispo/California Central Coast area.   With over 35 years of experience in integrative medicine, health and motivational psychology, hypnosis, and nutritional wellness, Dr. Stenger uses powerful intuitive and energetic healing abilities to create a safe, healing environment that fosters a renewed, healthy balance of body, mind and spirit for her clients.

Specific Health Issues and Programmatic Expertise:

Dr. Stenger has created highly effective programs that alleviate stress and anxiety for individuals and couples.  She helps clients create the successful lifestyle they want by uncoupling destructive issues which are rooted in the subconscious mind-- issues such as fear, anger, weight loss/gain, tobacco and alcohol cessation, pain control, panic attacks, performance anxiety, life balancing, communication, restful sleep.  She also teaches hypno-birthing techniques for expectant mothers.  She has created  and taught programs for corporate clients in stress management, nutrition, weight control, workplace communication and safety, resulting in improved employee health and reducing employee absenteeism, resulting in lower associated costs for business owners.

As a Performance Consultant to professional /Olympic athletes, Dr. Stenger focuses on nutritional health and hypnosis resulting in measurable physical and mental performance improvements. She performs similar work with test-anxiety students, performing artists who lack confidence, or anyone suffering physical trauma.  She patiently works with each client to assist them in moving past their old physical and emotional traumas or injuries, allowing  them to reclaim their lives, even to the point of excelling in the fields they love.

Educational and Clinical Background:

Dr. Stenger has degrees in Health and Preventative Medicine, Health Education Psychology, and a Doctorate in Psychology. In addition, she has been certified as a Medical and Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Nutritionist, and a Spiritual and Intuitive Healer. She is a registered RN  with experience in Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, as well as teaching as a Nurse Educator.

She served for ten years on the Scientific Advisory Board for the Triplet Connection designing the  original data base for Management of Higher Order Multiple Birth Pregnancies.  Dr. Stenger was the  founder of  a support group called Tender Hearts which serves  multiple birth families who have  lost a child. Her research in the field of grief was published internationally and she was honored as keynote speaker in Amsterdam at the International Association of Twin and Multiple Birth Studies.  She has also served as Medical Adviser for the Hypnosis Training Institute of Central California.

Mary Kay is an avid swimmer, hiker and kite boarder. She is the mother of six adult children, including three surviving quadruplets.