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Achieve Natural Healthy Balance with Dr. Mary Kay Stenger

 Dr. Mary Kay Stenger is a Medical and Clinical Hypnotherapist in the San Luis Obispo/California 

Central Coast area. With over 35 years of experience in integrative medicine, health and motivational psychology, hypnosis, and nutritional wellness, Dr. Stenger uses powerful intuitive and energetic healing abilities to create a safe healing environment that fosters a renewed, healthy balance of body, mind, and spirit for her clients. 


 Our thoughts influence our feelings.  It is possible to alter and enhance our life experience by shifting our thoughts and attitudes. By accessing the subconscious mind in the safety of hypnosis, we become receptive to the positive suggestions we require in order to detach from unwanted behaviors or negative feelings. Open your mind to this healing technique, and finally experience natural, healthy balance. ​ 

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Ready to reconnect your mind, body, and soul? Let Dr. Stenger show you the way.